Designer Silk Scarf
359 EUR

"Why is this so expensive!"
rare early piece by heiner radau
unique designer-piece, 100% handmade in berlin only out of highest quality materials. 
This hand-drawn and handprinted design is a remix of a vintage Versace scarf and urban beauty of now, definitely ahead of time and style "Trafficlight-Styles" is an artpiece, featuring flowers, lots of cables, the Berlin television tower, trafficlights in all possible colors and a german social game. It is an artistic comment that Berlin did change a lot and is completed with a small middlefinger in each corner, giving it an unforgettable taste of authentic street-design. 

DETAILS:  nozzle for spraypaint attached to one corner. *comes with handmade label and artists signature*
TECHNICAL: entirely handprinted 6 color silk screen technique, using light and washfast reactive dyes.

SIZE: 90x90cm
MATERIAL: 100% silk, glossy satin 
CARE: hand wash using hair-shampooing