Fucked Up T-Shirt
160 EUR

Heiner Radau X Heiner Radau
c o l l a b o r a t e _ c o l l e c t i o n 

Sometimes i do the sewing myself, and then the result look a bit unusual. in this case with neither long nor short sleeves, but long in the front and short on the back? Well.. maybe it will have become fashionable by tomorrow! 
the print is a crossover of the BERLIN and UNIVERSE prints, nice and dirty. a very unique piece.

  • handmade in Berlin
  • experimental silk screen print
  • industry standard reactive dyes
  • can't remember what the fabric is
  • unique piece
  • size : M

Thanks and shout outs
fashion: Heiner Radau
print: Heiner Radau
photo: Fred Funk
h&m: Desiree Keitel
model: Johan Bech Jesperson